During the call the team discussed the current situation caused by the global pandemic and agreed it’s now become clear this May is untenable due to COVID.

In Peru, currently no tourists are allowed in, flights have been cancelled and locals are understandably not welcoming anyone not vaccinated etc… Whilst some of the team will have had both vaccines by the May date it was unlikely that the younger members would.

We explored October / November dates but a number of commitments amongst the team made this impossible, and the mood was a little flat at the thought of breaking up the team in order to make the dates work. We parked the conversation and Neil took an action to check in with Jon and Jorges.

In a bid to raise spirits Neil proposed a slight tweak to the mission, and it was one that increased the size of the challenge, the excitement, and the sense of adventure.

He stated that he would like us all to undertake a more challenging schedule (after discussions with Jon and Jorges) in that we would paddle the Yanayacu from Dorado Lake (where the Pink Dolphins live) to Nauta at the confluence of the Ucayali and Maranon rivers (the start of the Amazon proper), a journey of 256 km. Estimated 8 day journey at 20 miles / 32 km a day, with some wild camping in the Jungle, and an opportunity to explore. All those on the call were well up for this.

The next morning, following the call and after consulting Jon and Jorges, Neil advised the only feasible option is to postpone for one year. The proposed new approximate expedition dates (subject to flight availability) are now 6th – 20th May 2022

Building on the subject that Neil raised during his debate on the Jeremy Vine show we also spoke about the potential opportunity to make a difference and help some of the remote communities we visit. Specifically on Covid vaccines – Jorges has indicated that Vaccines may not reach the villages and Neil is pursuing the possibility of transporting some to the region.

Whilst yet to be confirmed this is now looking the most likely option in terms of dates and on the plus side, it will give the team more chance to prepare, bond and train for what is now set to be an even greater and more challenging adventure.

Fortis fortuna adviuvat

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