On the 5th January 2022, Jorge (as promised) sent us “Happy New Year greetings from the heart of the Yanayacu river” where we’ll be heading to in May.

It was his first trip of the year into the reserve and as promised in his last update during December he sent some new pictures to show us some of what to expect from the area.

One of the images shared was a circular calendar of the seasons, and Jorge was keen to point out that at the end of May when we get there, it will still be flooded.


The Jungle of Mirrors

It’s clear to see why this place is also known as “the jungle of mirrors”.

I found this picture absolutely fascinating… it looks like the jungle is smiling at us when you look from this angle.

It’s not until you tilt your head to the side that you see the real image.

In this short 11 second video… you can hear the surrounding jungle come to life while Jorge looks out on the tranquil waters ahead of the boat

We’re told it’s COVID free in the rain forest right now but at the time this message was received on the 5th Jan there was an influenza epidemic in Iquitos.

Thanks for the pictures and update Jorge… all things being well, we’ll see you in 4 months or so 🙂

For those of you reading this update here’s a few more pics that Jorge shared.

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