The vaccine roll out in the UK has been a huge success, and as at the 1st March 2021 more than 20million people had received their first dose. Although it’s brilliant news for everyone in the UK some people say that until everyone in the world has received the jab we will never be free of the Corona Virus.

On 2nd March Neil Laughton (Chairman of the Scientific Exploration Society) joined Jeremy Vine on his show suggesting that we should give the spare doses of COVID vaccine to explorers like him and they could take them to the remotest parts of the world.

Neil explained “the point is no-ones safe until everyone’s safe, I’m told it takes 3yrs to vaccinate 70% of the population… through a number of organisations we need to get 2bn doses to around 190 countries, and the communities I am associated with could help”.

“I am heading to the Amazon soon with a group of amateur explorers & adventurers. We would love to help by taking any surplus spare doses with us.

There were a number of callers, both pro and anti the idea. Some saying  “if you visit these remote places the chances are you’ll be taking the virus to them”, others acknowledging that people in remote locations may visit towns and local market places to sell their wares and pick the virus up there.

What do you think? do you support the idea? Take a listen and decide for yourself…

The discussion started around 1hour 30mins into the show and the debate was lively… tune into the BBC sounds app if you want to hear the show, it’s available on line for 20 days.


Check out the Jeremy Vine Show from 2nd March

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